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What is DRnME and why is it important?

DRnME may look like an acronym, but it is actually a Healthcare framework which connects me with my Doctor from anywhere and anytime, remotely for necessary medical advice. It important to be member of this service to take care of self-well-being and stay connected with my doctor.

Prevention is better than cure is a paraphrase in Healthcare domain, new research study's statement is Early intervention is half cure, so to fulfil both the successful wellness formula, we need to be connected with our Doctors real-time.

Your DRnME benefits*

• Phone/video consultation with doctors trained in telemedicine as per Global quality standards
• Doctors spend quality time listening to your health concerns and medical history
• Digital prescription and guidance through proactive follow-ups
• Home blood tests & doorstep delivery of medicines through our health partners
• 80%# of patients who have used DRnME phone or video consultation say that they did not require any further physical consultation

Personal Healthcare

Diagnosis or assessment of the personal health

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Laboratory Services

Good Clinical Laboratory Practice standards advise.

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Virtual Consultation

Complete online Personal & Family Medical Advisory Consultation Services.

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Complete Personal & Family Medical Advisory Consultation Services

On-demand consultation via video, audio, or text

Provides users with an alternative to going to the doctor’s office, the emergency room, or an urgent care center.

Collaborated solution to build a robust on-demand telehealth platform that connects patients with medical providers for convenient and affordable care.

Our Doctors

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Our Best Services

Complete online Personal & Family Medical Advisory Consultation Services.

General health care

Preventive care (immunization & Health screening), consultation of acute & chronic illness.

Dental services

Complete exams, x-rays, and dental cleanings. Fillings, root canals, and extractions.

Medical Treatment

Remedies to patient in relieving illness, injury, mental health problems, etc

Cardiac Clinic

Cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular surgery, Remote Welness Programs and Advise on Master health checkup's


Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles


Healthcare Laboratory procedures aid the physicians in carrying out the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients